John Smith
Class: English 6
Teacher: Jane Joe

This class aims to help students grow in their English abilities by focusing on 3 areas: how to analyze good books, how to write great essays, and how to use new vocabulary words.

The reading component consists of fiction novels, weekly reading responses, and vocabulary exercises.
Reading gradeA
Class AverageA-
Homework 100%


Average grade

Homework assignments

3/1Book 1✓ Completed93
3/8Book 1✓ Completed90
3/15Book 1✓ Completed89
3/22Book 2✓ Completed95
3/29Book 2✓ Completed99
4/6Book 2✓ Completed95
4/5Book 3✓ Completed97
4/20Book 3✓ Completed97
4/12Book 3✓ Completed91
4/19Book 4✓ Completed100
4/27Book 4✓ Completed100
Participation A-
Attendance 95%
Absences 1

John was very engaged and focused during distance learning activities, and participated in discussions.

John is focused in class and willingly participates in class discussions.

Book quizGrade
Abel's Island Quiz18/20
Nine Open Arms Quiz14/20
Maniac Magee Quiz19/20

John demonstrates good progress in using a variety of reading comprehension skills and strategies to understand text. He also has a fantastic work ethic.

He puts forth a lot of effort. However, analyzing characters and themes of the book is still difficult for him. Please continue to reinforce skills at home.

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